Uber in Prague

As of 2014, the Uber Taxi service is available in Prague as an alternative to conventional taxis. It works on the basis of a mobile application available for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The advantage is a fare that is always known in advance before booking. You can pay in cash, but also cashless, when a bank card is automatically charged after registering the card in the application.

Prices are usually lower than for conventional taxi services, because they are charged per minute in the calculation. The total fare depends on the current traffic situation then.

It is also possible to call Uber to Prague's Vaclav Havel Airport, which will be significantly cheaper than commonly available taxi. For example, the price from the airport to the city center is about 300 CZK, while with taxi about 450 CZK. There are three types of cars - UberPOP, UberSelect (enhanced comfort) and UberBlack (limousine driven by a professional driver in a suit). To ensure safety, each ride is tracked by GPS, which can be shared freely in the application. Each driver has a profile in the application with ratings from customers and the number of trips driven. You can call for help through the emergency line directly from the application.

Uber Eats is a new service offered for food delivery in Prague, which works on a similar basis as Uber Taxi. After registering and setting the delivery address, it is possible to order food and monitor its delivery in the application. Sometimes a surcharge for the 'busy area' is required, which is charged when the drivers are busy in the particular location. The price does not include tips that are not officially required. Each order can be reviewed in the application.


More information about Uber Taxi at www.uber.com and about Uber Eats at www.ubereats.com