TOP 7 sushi restaurants in Prague

Sushi is one of the dishes where the premium quality of the ingredients plays a crucial role. At the same time, it's not exactly a "quickie", which you can use to satisfy your hunger on the fly during the day. Sushi is about savouring, experimenting, the overall atmosphere. That's why we have selected the best and by tourists as well as locals most popular sushi restaurants in Prague, where you will not only be served first-class sushi, but the visit itself will be a unique experience. 

Best Sushi Prague

Hana Sushi House

Address: Jagellonská 1062/11, Prague 3
GPS: 50.07965, 14.45292

Who once visited this sushi restaurant in Prague, usually did not stay at one visit. Excellent sushi prepared with top quality ingredients and yet at fair prices, cozy atmosphere and friendly service contribute to the fact that a reservation here is practically a must. They also offer a lunch menu on selected days. Want to see under the chef's hands? The seats right at the bar make sure of it! The restaurant is owned by a couple from South Korea, so you can sample Korean cuisine in addition to Japanese specialties as well.

Best Sushi Prague: Hana Sushi House  Best Sushi Prague: Hana Sushi House
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The Sushi Bar

Address: Zborovská 49, Prague 5
GPS: 50.08107, 14.40677

Reservations are also recommended at the Sushi Bar in Smíchov. Apart from offering one of the best sushi in Prague, this place also can boast being the first sushi restaurant not only in Prague, but also in the Czech republic. Sushi made from fresh ingredients imported from all over the world has been served there since 1999. In addition to traditional as well as original sushi variations, the menu also includes a variety of delicious salads including seaweed salad, fish dishes and soups. Of course, they also have vegetarians in mind with their menu. The interior has a simple but detailed design. On your way home, you can stop by the adjacent Seafood Shop to buy fresh fish or seafood to take home. 

Best Sushi Prague: The Sushi Bar  Best Sushi Prague: The Sushi Bar

Sushi Oishi

Address: V Celnici 1031/4, Prague 1
GPS: 50.08819, 14.43037

Sushi Oishi is another leading sushi restaurant in Prague. Given its exclusive location right in the city centre, you might think it's a tourist trap - but you'd be wrong. As soon as you enter, you can't help but notice the Japanese decor, which adds to the pleasant, original atmosphere. The staff will welcome you and be happy to advise you on your choice. And the food itself? Oishi means 'delicious' and it perfectly describes the taste experience. They know very well that the best ingredients are the key to a great meal. In addition to sushi, there are other Japanese specialities on the menu and a lunch menu is also available until midday. Oishi also has three other “sister branches” (Oishi House, OMG and Chiaki) where you can also enjoy some of the best sushi in Prague.

Best Sushi in Prague: Sushi Oishi Best sushi in Prague: Sushi Oishi
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Address: Navrátilova 664/10, Prague 1
GPS: 50.07853, 14.42334

Visit this place and we guarantee you will feel like you are in Japan. Miyabi, just a short walk from Charles Square, offers an authentic experience not only in terms of great food, but also in terms of the interior. In addition to classic tables with chairs, you can also enjoy Japanese specialties at traditional Japanese seating - at low tables on tatami. The Asian atmosphere is enhanced by natural elements, dominated by bamboo and stones. A Zen house is also available for private parties. Japanese elements such as harmony, tranquillity and purity are also reflected in the food preparation and serving. Over lunch time, traditional bento-style lunch menus are also available. Our tip? Try Asahi - a Japanese beer on tap with your meal. Given the great popularity of this place, a reservation will come in handy. In our opinion, this is definitely not just one of the best sushi in Prague, but also among the best Japanese restaurants in Prague.

Best Sushi Prague: Miyabi Sushi  Best Sushi Prague: Miyabi Sushi

Yami Sushi House Prague

Address: Masná 1051/3, Prague 1
GPS: 50.08942, 14.42356

If you're looking for a sushi kingdom, look no further - just head to Yami Sushi House just off Old Town Square. In addition to traditional sushi, you can also try fusion rolls in unique and creative flavours and forms. How about trying a Rainbow Roll, French Kiss Roll or Double Bubble Roll? You won't regret it! Moreover, with an open sushi bar, you can watch the chefs prepare your dish. In summer, there is also a nice terrace. The originality, fantastic food, friendly and professional service will keep you coming back when you visit Prague. 

Best Sushi Prague: Yami Sushi House  Best Sushi Prague: Yami Sushi House
Tip: The same owners are behind Hanabi Sushi House Prague, another of the top sushi spots in Prague. Therefore, you can taste original sushi variations and unusual culinary techniques in Hanabi as well. In addition to sushi, traditional specialties such as Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki are also on the menu. This Japanese restaurant in Prague is also worth visiting.

Yami Sushi Bistro Prague

Address: Gurmet Passage, Dlouhá 39, Prague 1 - Old Town
GPS: 50.09131, 14.42643

Do you like experiments? Or would you like to make your own sushi, but you don't dare to do it at home? At Yami Sushi Bistro you can create not only a sushi roll according to your own tastes and ideas, but also a whole menu. If food is also fun for you, you shouldn't miss this bistro. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity! In addition to sushi, we recommend trying the traditional Korean dish Bibimpap served in a hot stone pot. The interior is simply furnished, but it does everything you need to enjoy a quick lunch and a relaxing meal with friends to the last bite.

Best Sushi Prague: Yami Sushi Bar  Best Sushi Prague: Yami Sushi Bar
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Address: Slavíkova 1581/24 , Prague 3
GPS: 50.08083, 14.44639

Hanil restaurant is a combination of Japan and Korea, not only in the name (Han - Korea and Il - Japan), but also on the menu. You can order classic sushi variants as well as original fusion rolls, specialties from Japanese cuisine are also worth attention. If you are more tempted by Korean cuisine, we recommend trying Bulgogi. In any case, the menu is rich and even on a repeated visit the offer is definitely not boring. As in other Japanese restaurants in Prague that we have already mentioned, premium quality ingredients are the basis of the culinary experience in Hanil.

Best Sushi Prague: Hanil  Best Sushi Prague: Hanil


Extra tips: If you want to enjoy delicious sushi at really great prices, head to Sushi Tam Da near Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. It's a smaller place, don't expect any flashy interior or original culinary techniques, but in terms of price-performance ratio, it might be the best sushi in Prague. So if you just want a good, quality meal and don't need anything more, Sushi Tam Da is the perfect choice.

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