Parking at Prague Airport

Park safely and comfortably

The Václav Havel Airport in Prague (also known as Prague Ruzyne) is located on the northwestern outskirts of Prague in the Prague 6 - Ruzyne district. It is easily accessible from the city centre by public transport, by a special Airport Express bus line from the main railway station, and by long-distance Regiojet buses. Alternatively, of course, by taxi, which is a much more comfortable option. However, did you know that one taxi ride can cost you more than if you use the official Prague Airport parking or other car parks near the airport for parking during your holiday? 
In this article, you will find an overview of the Prague Airport Parking options, both long-term and short-term - for situations of just a ride to or from the airport. Did you know that in this case it is also possible to use the Vaclav Havel Airport parking for free?

Short-term parking - Prague Airport

If you do not plan to leave your car at the airport, it is advisable to use short-term parking. Prague Airport operates four car parks for these situations, which vary in the length of the planned stay.

1) Prague Airport parking - within minutes

suitable if you are taking or picking up someone at the airport

P1 Express (in front of Terminal 1) and P2 Express (in front of Terminal 2)

  • distance to the respective terminals approx. 1 min walk
  • price: first 15 min free (for one entry within 24 hours)
  • min 0:16-30: regulatory fee 100 CZK, thereafter 100 CZK/30 min
  • maximum parking time: 48 hours

2) parking Airport Prague - within hours

Suitable if you are taking someone to the airport or picking up at the airport and expect a longer delay on site. 

PB Economy (outdoor, in front of Terminal 2), PC Comfort (covered, in front of Terminal 1)

  • approx. 2 minutes walk to terminals
  • price: 80 CZK/hour, payment by card and cash at the machines
  • in the summer season, long-term parking is possible at PC Comfort with online booking 

Long-term parking - Prague Airport

For multi-day parking, we recommend using one of the car parks listed below. The Prague Airport parking prices vary according to the length of stay and type of parking, specific price lists including conditions are always available on the website.

A/ Parking directly at Prague Airport

1) Aeroparking Prague

There are four parking houses for long-term parking directly on the Prague Airport premises. All of them are covered, equipped with a camera system and 24-hour assistance, some of them offer additional services such as charging electric cars, car washing, etc. Luggage trolleys are also available. In the summer season, the aforementioned PB Comfort car park also offers long-term parking. 

PA Smart

  • at Terminal 2
  • covered parking, suitable for smaller cars, online booking required
  • price: from 1290 CZK / 8 days

PC Comfort

  • near Terminal 1, connected to Terminal 2 by a footbridge
  • covered parking, online booking (up to 50% lower price) or payment at the machine on site
  • price: from 1690 CZK / 8 days

PD Holiday Parking Prague

  • cheap seasonal parking near public transport (stop "U Hangárů"), approx. 10 minutes walk to the Terminals
  • covered parking, online booking required
  • price: from 990 CZK / 8 days

PC Premium

  • part of PC Comfort parking
  • covered parking with extra large space
  • online booking (up to 50% lower price) or payment at the machine on site
  • price: from 3290 CZK/8 days

PB Economy

  • see information above, only available in the summer season
  • price: from 1290 CZK / 8 days

Detailed information about individual parking houses, booking, prices and available services are available on the Aeroparking website.

Tip: When you book a parking space online, the price can be up to 50% lower. For some parking houses, advance booking is compulsory. Especially in the summer season, booking online also ensures that you have a place to park. Parking lots are usually full at this time of year.

2) Smile Parking Prague Airport

The above-mentioned parking houses are the official  Prague Airport Parking. In addition to these, there is also a private parking house called Smile Parking on the airport premises. Unlike the others, it operates on the principle of parking the vehicle in a reserved space at the airport, handing over the car keys to a box and re-parking the vehicle by SmileParking staff. Upon arrival, the vehicle is re-parked and the keys are placed in the drop box. Everything is therefore contactless. The price is 500 CZK / day, from 1 190 CZK / 8 days (summer season) or from 890 CZK / 8 days (winter season).
Additional services: tire service, interior cleaning, help with starting the car
Further information and booking:


B/ Prague Airport parking: just a few minutes from the airport

If you don't insist on parking directly at the Prague Airport, there are several other parking houses in close proximity that offer convenient parking, especially for long-term parking for 8 days or more. The transfer to the airport takes only a few minutes and is included in the parking fee.

1) GoParking Prague Airport

An indoor parking house located about 3 km away from Václav Havel Airport. With its own airport shuttle, you can get to the airport in 3 minutes, including a ride back to your car. There is also cheaper outdoor parking available.
Services: security and assistance 24/7, insurance against damage, tire service, washing and cleaning of the vehicle, help with starting the car, refueling.
Price: from 890 CZK / 8 days for outdoor parking, from 1 090 CZK / 8 days for covered parking
More information including booking:

2) Fajn Parking

Uncovered parking in Tuchoměřice. It takes about 2 minutes to get to the airport, where you will be taken from the parking lot by your own car. The price for parking includes a pick-up from the airport upon arrival. Cost effective, but beware - the car is not insured against damage.
Services: 24/7 security and assistance, luggage packing.
Price: 400 CZK / day, from approx. 800 CZK / 8 days
More information including booking:

Other tips for parking at Prague Airport: get within 15 minutes at the airport

Below are other Prague Airport parking options quite close to the airport. All parking places listed are uncovered but guarded, with 24-hour operation and free airport transfers.  

Air Parking Prague

Secure parking within 10 minutes' drive of the airport offering good value for money. Shuttle service to and from the terminal to the airport is free. This company offers the lowest price for short-term parking.
Services: suitcase packing, child car seats, tire service, interior cleaning, car starting assistance
Car and parking insurance: yes
Price: 350 CZK / day, from 900 CZK or 1100 CZK / 8 days (depending on the season)
More information including booking:

R7 parking at Prague airport

Family run business offering secure parking 5 minutes from the airport. Transfer to the airport included.
Services: accommodation available, car cleaning, car starting assistance
Car insurance and parking: yes
Price: 700 CZK / day, from 1000 CZK / 8 days (season)
More information and booking:

RH parking

Of all the more distant car parks, RH offers the cheapest parking at Prague Airport, so it is also suitable for long-term parking for more than 10 days. It is about 10-15 minutes away from the airport, including airport transfer.
Services: luggage packing, child car seats, car and tire service, child car seats, interior cleaning, car starting assistance
Car insurance and parking: yes
Price: 590 CZK / 1-10 days.
More information and booking:

AVIA Parking

Secure parking about 10 minutes from the airport. Free shuttle service to the airport.
Services: luggage packing, child car seats, car washing and cleaning
Car and parking insurance: not specified
Price: 400 CZK / day, from 800 CZK / 8 days (depending on the season)
More information and booking:

Parkuj u nás

A family run business providing secure parking 11 minutes from the airport. Included in the price is a shuttle service to the terminal.
Services: luggage packing, car cover with tarpaulin
Car and parking insurance: yes
Price: from 1000 CZK / 8 days
More information and booking:

Another car park within 10 minutes of the airport offering 200 spaces. Transportation to and from the airport. Please note, payment is only possible in cash. 
Services: not specified
Insurance: not specified
Price: from 999 CZK / 8 days
More information and booking:

Prague airport parking: Is there any free parking?

Among the tips for cheap of or free parking and close to the airport, some streets are often mentioned, such as U Letiště (stop "Na Padesátníku"), U Prioru or Navigátorů, where it is supposedly possible to park for free and the airport is easily accessible by public transport. Beware, even in these streets blue paid parking zones have already been established, primarily for residents. In general, the use of long term on-street parking is always at your own risk, and you should expect that your car may be towed away while you are away.