Old Royal Palace

The Old Royal Palace is part of the Prague Castle complex, which served as a residence of princes until the 16th century. It was built at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries, mostly made of wood. The original Romanesque building burned down and was rebuilt several times. In the end it was enlarged to create a contemporary Gothic palace with an arched representative space and a strip of arcades on the north side. During the reign of Wenceslas IV., two perpendicular wings were added and the renovated 12th-century All Saints' Chapel, which is open to the public only for worship services.

Part of the Old Royal Palace is also the ceremonial Vladislav Hall in the late Gothic style with elements of the Renaissance, built according to the plans of architect Benedikt Ried. It was used for the royal representation as well as for coronation festivals, knightly tournaments, art markets. Later presidential elections used to take place in here, and until now, the hall is still used for important ceremonial gatherings. There is a beautiful view of the Na Valech Garden and Prague from its view gallery. The adjacent equestrian stairs were originally built for knights to ride on horseback directly to the hall.

Old Chamber (Stara snemovna), the Land tables (Zemske desky) and the Louis Wing (Ludvikovo kridlo) with the rooms of the Czech Office (Ceska kancelar) can be seen here. On the lower floors, there are the throne hall of Prince Soběslav from the first half of the 12th century and the floor of the King Charles IV's palace are located. 

Useful information for visitors

Address: The third courtyard of Prague Castle 48/2, Prague 1 - Hradcany
GPS: 50.09061690, 14.40176170
Old Royal Palace map

Public transport connections

Pohořelec tram stop
Pražský hrad tram stop
Královský letohrádek tram stop
Malostranská bus stop, tram stop, metro station (green line)

Opening hours and admission

Up-to-date information on opening hours to Old Royal Palace is available at www.hrad.cz. Information about prices and tours here.

Interesting facts about Old Royal Palace

In one of the rooms of the Czech Office, which is part of the Old Royal Palace, the Bohemian Revolt, the first conflict of the Thirty Years War, began in 1618. Two regents with their secretary were thrown out the window into the castle moat. Rooms of the Old Royal Palace were used during the reign of the Austrian Habsburgs for coronation celebrations, conference halls and depositories.

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