New Town Hall

The New Town Hall is a complex of several historical buildings, some of which are the most important Gothic buildings in Prague’s New Town. It is situated at the corner of Vodičkova Street and the north end of Charles Square. Its dominant seventy-metre high tower is open to the public and offers a beautiful view of the adjacent Charles Square and the New Town. Various events such as concerts, exhibitions and wine festivals are regularly held in the premises of the New Town Hall.

Useful information for visitors

Address: Karlovo náměstí 23, Praha 2 - New Town
GPS: 50.07812390, 14.42130170
New Town Hall map

Public transport connections

Karlovo náměstí bus stop, tram stop, metro station (yellow line)
Lazarská tram stop

Opening hours and admission

For an admission fee, visitors can see the Town Hall Tower, including the permanent exhibition called “History of the New Town and Panoramic Prague”. The tour includes a visit to the Gallery of the Tower, where shot-term exhibitions are held. For information about admission fees and opening hours, visit the official website. In addition, various events take place in the New Town Hall, requiring a separate admission fee.

Interesting facts about New Town Hall

The second floor of the New Town Hall is used for the long-term Invisible Exhibition. Visitors walk around in total darkness, which enables them to experience what it is like to be a blind person. Once a week, the sandstone statue of Neptune by Bohuslav Schnirch is freely accessible to visitors in the entrance hall. Café Neustadt is open daily in the courtyard of the New Town Hall.

History of New Town Hall

The buildings of the complex were built gradually. The oldest one (dating back to 1377) is the eastern wing facing Vodičkova Street. The construction of the six-storey Town Hall Tower did not take place until 1452. On the first floor, visitors can see the Chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St Wenceslas, which used to function as the final waiting place for prisoners sentenced to death. During the reign of Emperor Joseph II, a prison and a courthouse were established in the New Town Hall. The 1419 First Defenestration of Prague is perhaps the most famous event that took place there. This event marked the beginning of the Hussite movement, when a furious crowd threw out of the window several municipal officials, two town councillors and a burgomaster.

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