Prague metro

All you need to know

Prague Metro Lines

Currently, the Prague metro consists of 3 lines - line A (green line), line B (yellow line) and line C (red line). The Prague Metro lines cover a total of 65 kilometres and connect 61 stations, 3 of which (Muzeum, Můstek, Florenc) are so-called transfer stations. Construction of metro line D (blue) also started in 2022.

Metro Prague Map

Prague Metro Map

Metro line A connects the final stations Depo Hostivař and Nemocnice Motol. It provides transport between the south-eastern and north-western parts of Prague.
Metro line B connects the stations Černý Most and Zličín and thus the south-western and north-eastern part of Prague. 
Metro line C with the terminals Háje and Letňany connects the northern and southern parts of the city. 
The new metro line D will run in the north-south direction with the transfer stations Pankrác (C) and Náměstí Míru (A)

You can change between the lines at 3 transfer stations Muzeum (A/C), Můstek (A/B) and Florenc (B/C). At present, the metro cannot be used to get to Václav Havel Airport. However, there are several ways to get to and from the airport. You can use regular public transport bus lines, private bus lines from different parts of Prague, or even the special Airport Express (AE) service. For complete information on transport from the airport, please click HERE.

Prague metro opening hours. When does the metro run until?

The Prague metro operates every day from 5:00 am to 24:00 pm, including weekends and public holidays. During the night hours, Prague is served by night tram and bus lines.

Travel times and metro timetable

The frequency and therefore the intervals are determined by the route, the day and the time of day. In general, the intervals most often range from 2 to 10 minutes. During the morning and afternoon "rush hours", trains usually run every 2-4 minutes, at other times every 5-10 minutes. On weekends, a uniform interval of 7.5 minutes applies on all lines.

Prague metro tickets: prices and where to buy tickets

Uniform prices apply for all Prague public transport including the metro. 

Ticket validity

Tickets can be purchased for 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours or 72 hours. Monthly, quarterly and annual tickets are available for regular travel. The validity of short-term tickets is always calculated from the date and time of marking the ticket on the tram, bus or metro and is limited only by time. The number of transfers does not matter. Tickets for 24 and 72 hours are also valid for the cable car to Petřín.
For tickets for a month or longer, the passenger chooses the start of the ticket's validity according to their preferences.

Where to buy a ticket for Prague metro

You can buy a ticket:

  • by sending an SMS message to 902 06. According to the desired validity of the ticket is the text of the message: DPT31, DPT42, DPT120 or DPT330. ATTENTION! Confirmation and purchase must be received before boarding the vehicle!
  • in the PID Lítačka app (the ticket must be activated in the app before boarding)
  • in the contactless terminal located in the middle of each tram (no need to mark the ticket, it is valid automatically after printing)
  • at ticket vending machines
  • at the information centres and sales points in metro stations
  • in some newsagents and other shops
  • with drivers of suburban buses

Long-term tickets are purchased in the e-shop or at selected sales points.
A map with an overview of all sales points is available HERE.

Good to know: There is no charge for a dog, bicycle or stroller on public transport. A separate ticket must be purchased for larger luggage.

Wheelchair access

The Prague metro is mainly located underground, so there are escalators or stairs in all stations. Wheelchair access is currently provided at almost 50 stations. These stations are marked with a wheelchair symbol on the metro map.
The connection finder allows you to enter the criterion "wheelchair accessible only". The current status of the lifts can also be previewed HERE.

Other symbols on the Prague metro map

In addition to the wheelchair, the pram symbol can be seen on the metro map, which means that a pram (not a disabled person) can be transported in the station. The airplane symbol points to a direct bus line to Václav Havel Airport. And the letter S means the proximity of the train station with the possibility of changing to the railway connections.

By Prague metro to the Prague sights

Many of Prague's metro stations are located right in the historic centre of Prague. Therefore most of the popular sights can be reached most quickly by metro. The names of the stations themselves tell you where the Prague metro drops tourists off. 

Prague Metro

Metro Line A

  • Nádraží Veleslavín: terminal station of bus 119 from Prague Airport
  • Malostranská and Hradčanská: closest to Prague Castle
  • Staroměstská: 5 minutes from the Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock, also the closest to Charles Bridge or even further to Prague Castle
  • Můstek: ideal station for visiting Wenceslas Square, also transfer to metro B
  • Museum: closest to the National Museum, exit to Wenceslas Square at the top of the square "by the horse", transfer to metro C

Metro Line B

  • Florenc: the main bus station in Prague
  • Republic Square: closest to the Municipal House, Powder Gate, ideal for a walk to Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square
  • Národní třída: the fastest way to the National Theatre
  • Můstek: close to Wenceslas Square, transfer to metro A
  • Zličín: transport to the airport (bus 100)

Metro Line C

  • Florenc: main bus station
  • Museum: similar to metro A
  • Vyšehrad: ideal starting point for a walk to Vyšehrad

Top 9 Interesting Facts about the Prague Metro

  1. Line B is the longest with a length of 26 km.
  2. Line B has the most stations (24).
  3. The shortest is line A with a length of 17 km.
  4. The busiest station is Můstek (line A/B)
  5. The busiest section is Vyšehrad - I. P. Pavlova (line C)
  6. The deepest station is Náměstí Míru, 53 metres underground.
  7. The longest escalator runs from Náměstí Míru station and is over 87 metres long.
  8. The greatest distance of 2,748 metres is between Nádraží Holešovice and Kobylisy stations.
  9. The shortest distance of 425 metres is between Hlavní nádraží and Muzeum C stations.