Gluten-Free Prague

An Ultimate Travel Guide (not only) for Celiacs | PART 1

Travelling with any kind of dietary restriction can be challenging. But not impossible! Even in the Czech Republic, where dumplings, sauces, soups and other flour-thickened meals dominate the cuisine and the national drink is beer. Forget about missing out on delicious food - our ultimate two-part guide to gluten-free eating in Prague helps you enjoy a safe gluten-free trip.

To make this gluten-free Prague guide truly comprehensive without overwhelming you, we have divided it into 2 articles. In this first part, you will find guaranteed tips for 100% gluten-free restaurants, bakeries and cafés, where to savor gluten-free beer in Prague or buy some gluten-free food. In addition to the tips on where to eat gluten-free in Prague, we've included some other useful information that help you enjoy your stay in Prague even more carefree. 

In the 2nd part, we focus on spots in Prague, that, while not entirely gluten-free, can cater to those on a gluten-free diet. We reveal the best places for gluten-free pizza, burgers, coffee with cake or a delicious gluten-free breakfast.  >>> PART 2

Gluten-free Prague

Navigating gluten-free Prague with ease: How to say gluten-free in Czech and other essential phrases

Before we dive into recommendations on the best gluten-free spots in Prague, a little language lesson might be useful. When looking for gluten-free options in Prague, keep an eye out for the words “bezlepkové” or “bez lepku”, which means “without gluten”. In addition to these golden phrases, here are some others that might come in handy:

  • I have celiac disease: “Mám celiakii.”
  • I have a gluten allergy: “Mám alergii na lepek.”
  • I am on a gluten-free diet: “Jsem na bezlepkové dietě.”
  • Is this gluten-free?: “Je to bezlepkové?”
  • Do you have any gluten-free options?: “Máte nějaké bezlepkové varianty?”
  • Can I have [XY] gluten-free?: “Prosím, mohu dostat [XY] bez lepku?
  • Do you have [XY] gluten-free?: “Máte [XY] bez lepku?
  • Product may contain traces of gluten: “Výrobek může obsahovat stopy lepku.”

All restaurants and other establishments are required to list allergens on their menu. Often you can see a numerical system of labelling allergens, e.g. 1, 7 means that the dish or food contains cereals with gluten and milk. Gluten-free options are sometimes marked also with a crossed-out cereal cob. 

enlightened Tip: Consider getting a Gluten-Free Travel Card. This handy card, often available online or through celiac organizations, is a helpful tool for communicating your dietary restrictions in a local language. The card typically outlines your gluten intolerance, celiac disease, and specific foods to avoid, providing a handy reference for chefs and servers. By presenting this card at restaurants, you can ensure a better understanding of your dietary needs and minimize the risk of accidental gluten exposure.

Eating gluten-free in Prague

Best Restaurants, cafés and bakeries dedicated to 100% gluten-free food

Restaurace U Agamy

Address: Štítného 202, Prague 3-Žižkov

Traditional Czech food is often full of gluten - but not at this 100% gluten-free restaurant in Prague 3. Indulge in classics like goulash, tenderloin in cream sauce, duck with cabbage and dumplings or schnitzel with potato salad and wash it all down with a gluten-free beer at U Agamy. Moreover, many dishes on the menu are not just gluten-free but also lactose-free.

Alriso Risotteria Italiana

Address: Betlémské nám. 11/259, Prague

Located just a short stroll from Charles Bridge or Bethlehem Chapel in Prague 1, this 100% gluten-free Italian restaurant is a haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts. Although the menu is based on rice or rice flour, so for gluten-free pizza you have to go somewhere else in Prague, the extensive menu cater to both celiacs and non-celiacs alike. Due to the exclusive location, higher prices are to be expected.

Bassotto - kavárna, vinárna

Address: Pštrossova 1926/4, Prague 1

This 100% gluten-free bakery in Prague 1 is also a café and a wine bar in one, so it's the perfect stop for a casual afternoon snack or an after-work drink. In addition to fresh gluten-free and also lactose-free sweet and savoury pastries, this is one of the places in Prague where gluten-free pizza is also served.

Babiččina spíž

Address: Revoluční 23, Prague 1

Are you one of those who can't imagine life without fresh baked goods or sweet treats? Then you shouldn't miss this gluten-free bakery with the cute name (in English Grandma's Pantry) while wandering the streets of Prague. From bread, baguettes, cakes, pies, “bábovka” or strudel to sandwiches or even vegan burgers - everything is 100% gluten-free and boasts the authentic taste of homemade goodness - like from your grandma. Perfect for a coffee break or a quick snack on the go.

Cukrárna Buchta

Address: Národní obrany 824/35, Prague 6

A little hidden treasure that is a paradise for all sweet tooths. With a wide range of cakes, pastries and other sweet treats, choosing your first bite might be a delightful dilemma. Beyond the 100% gluten-free goodies, patrons return for the inviting atmosphere.

Three sisters

Address: Rumunská 25, Prague 2

The same dilemma of what to choose awaits you in this small family-run gluten-free café in Prague 2. Whether you pop in for breakfast or an afternoon coffee, you'll be offered not only great-tasting but also great-looking sweet treats. Moreover, all are 100% gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and vegan.

My Raw Café

Address: Na Struze 5, Prague 1

This raw vegan (and of course gluten-free) café in Prague 1, situated just a short way from the National Theatre, offers a healthy start to your day. From diverse breakfast options like pancakes, porridge, and smoothies to satisfying lunches and sweet desserts, everything is 100% gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and designed to be both nutritious and delicious.

All the mentioned establishments in Prague are 100% gluten-free, ensuring a completely safe dining experience without any risk of gluten contamination. This makes them an ideal choice not only for those with gluten allergies or sensitive to gluten but also for celiacs.

However, Prague offers more than just these dedicated gluten-free spots. Many other establishments in Prague recognize the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs. You'll find numerous businesses that either feature at least a few gluten-free options on their menu or are willing to prepare dishes in a gluten-free version upon request.

Curious about where to find In Prague a delectable gluten-free pizza, a mouthwatering burger, a satisfying gluten-free breakfast, or a delightful coffee accompanied by a gluten-free cake? Look no further! >>> PART 2 of our guide on gluten-free dining in Prague <<< provides tips on all these options and more.

Gluten-free bakeries in Prague

As a celiac or suffering from a gluten allergy, the prospect of indulging in crusty bread or sweet pastries for breakfast need not be a distant dream – simply make your way to one of Prague's gluten-free bakeries. Notable among them are the already mentioned 100% gluten-free bakeries like Babiččina spíž, Bassotto, and Cukrárna Buchta. Additionally, Pekárna Dvorník or Doktor Pekař can also satisfy your craving for delicious gluten-free baked goods.

Enjoy gluten-free beer in Prague

While it's famously quipped that beer is cheaper and more affordable than water in Prague, what about gluten-free options? Among the beers suitable for gluten-sensitive people are Bernard, Ferdinand or Celia, readily available in most shops in Prague.  As for gluten-free beer on tap in Prague, you can head to restaurants U Agamy, Vegan's Prague or Arepas de Lyna. An important word of caution: though termed "gluten-free," these beers are more accurately "gluten-removed," with trace amounts of gluten allowed by standards. Consequently, individuals with celiac disease or heightened gluten sensitivity may need to consider the potential risk of health problems and whether this beer is really suitable for them. 

Where to buy gluten-free food in Prague

Locating gluten-free food in Prague is a breeze, as virtually every supermarket features a dedicated section for coeliac-friendly products. Major chains like Albert, Billa, Kaufland, Lidl, Globus, Tesco, or the dm drugstore - all stock gluten-free food. Health food stores like Sklizeno or Country Life are also a safe bet. If you prefer a specialised gluten-free shop, head to Svět bez lepku, located in Prague 6 or Prague 4.

Final tips on how to enjoy a stress-free gluten-free Prague

While a gluten-free diet can make trips and travel a little more difficult and requires more planning, it doesn't mean you have to give up these experiences. Just find out the essential information in advance, including tips on where to eat gluten-free (which we hope this article will help you with) and follow a few basic rules.

👉 Be sure to mention your celiac disease or gluten-free needs when ordering.

👉 Always inquire about potential cross-contamination, especially in restaurants with shared kitchens. Don't hesitate to ask about ingredients and preparation methods.

👉 Carry a gluten-free travel card in Czech to help you communicate your needs and restrictions.