Berlin to Prague by train

A complete guide

Last update: April 2023

Thinking of travelling from Berlin to Prague by train? Then this article is for you exactly. Getting from Prague to Berlin by train is comfortable, fast and easy, whether you are an experienced or more casual traveller, or even travelling for the first time. With a direct train, you can get from multicultural Berlin to picturesque, centuries-old Prague in just a few hours. With frequent departures, reasonable ticket prices and comfort, the train is the ideal and popular means of transport for travellers as well as for business trips.

In this article you find the most important information you might need or find interesting when planning your trip by train from Berlin to Prague and from Prague to Berlin.

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  Distance from Berlin to Prague and train time

The distance between Berlin and Prague is approx. 350 km (217 miles), by train it's about 400 kilometers. The travel time depends on the train and the route you take. Typically the average train time from Prague to Berlin is about 4-5 hours. Fast trains from Berlin to Prague - like the EuroCity train - manage the route in just 4 hours.


  Berlin to Prague train schedule

As both Berlin and Prague are popular cities, there are several trains between Berlin and Prague running on a daily basis. Generally, the train schedule Prague - Berlin / Berlin - Prague includes about 6-10 trains a day in both directions, depending on the day of the week, the time of year and whether you prefer direct trains or don't mind some changes. During the day usually you can catch a direct train every two hours. Additionally, there are some trains with multiple changes, but do not be surprised when the train time on the route Prague - Berlin will be even more than twice longer.

Be aware that the train schedules may vary over time, so it's recommended to check the Berlin - Prague train timetable beforehand to plan your journey accordingly.
How about getting from Berlin to Prague by night trains?

Do you prefer to take the train at night to save the day? No problem, in both directions, from Berlin to Prague as well as Prague to Berlin, overnight trains run as well. However, you have to take into account that these night trains are usually not direct and by night train it takes a long time to get from Berlin to Prague (or vice versa).


  How to buy train tickets Berlin - Prague at the best price

Prices of train tickets from Prague to Berlin / Berlin to Prague may vary depending on number of factors such as the train type, day and time you want to travel, some additional services (e.g. train class, seat reservation, refundable or exchangeable tickets, etc.), whether you book a ticket online in advance or at the station.

The price for a one-way train ticket Prague-Berlin is around €30-45 when purchased online (applies for both directions). However, they can go up to €80 (especially during busy weekends). On the other hand, you can also find train tickets for Berlin to Prague trains that cost less than €30 as well. Unfortunately these are mostly for overnight trains from Berlin to Prague / Prague to Berlin, connections with several changes or tickets bought several weeks in advance.

In general, the sooner a ticket is purchased before the planned trip, the cheaper it is. In our opinion, it's less stressful when purchasing a ticket in advance, especially if you will be in a hurry. Therefore it's definitely better to book the train tickets from Berlin to Prague online. Moreover, this way you can easily check and compare the availability and prices of train tickets, as prices can change even throughout the day based on demand and availability. And of course, the search engine enables you to find cheap trains from Berlin to Prague easily as well.

There can be some special discounts for youth under 25 years old, seniors or holders of some special discount cards.


  Train stations in Berlin and Prague

When travelling from Berlin to Prague by train, almost all the trains depart from or arrive at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Hbf) and Praha Hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Station). There are just some exceptions in Prague as sometimes trains may depart or arrive at train stations Praha Masarykoho nádraží or Praha-Holešovice.

All these train stations in Berlin and Prague are easily accessible by public transport, incl. metro. To find a suitable connection there's nothing easier than using connection finder on the official Prague or Berlin public transport website.

Tip: Do you want to learn more about how public transport in Prague works? The most important information is available in THIS article or THIS ONE dedicated to Prague metro.

  Travel comfortably from Berlin to Prague
with EuroCity high-speed trains

All trains between Berlin and Prague are operated by DB (Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany), and ČD (České dráhy, the national railway company in the Czech Republic). 

On this route, high-speed trains known as EuroCity are used, which not only provide fast transport from one city to another, but also ensure comfort for passengers. In the EuroCity trains from Berlin to Prague (and vice versa, of course) you can enjoy some additional services such as food and drink service, bathroom, free Wi-Fi or electric power sockets. It offers comfortable seating with plenty of legroom so you can just sit back, relax and thanks to big panoramic windows enjoy the scenic journey between these two beautiful European cities.

Do you want even more comfort and prefer first class? No problem. In the Berlin-to-Prague trains, first class seats are available as well. Just select this option when you buy your ticket.


   Additional information

Do you want to travel with your dog or bike? As the terms and conditions differ from train to train, we recommend checking the up-to-date information directly on providers´ website or when searching for a particular train - it's usually mentioned there.

In general, you may take your pet with you free of charge if it's in a transport box. For larger dogs, it is necessary to purchase an additional ticket (half fare), the dog must be on a leash and wear a muzzle. The exception is for assistance dogs only.

As far as transporting bicycles is concerned, prior reservation is usually required. Moreover, not all trains allow bicycles.


Brief summary

FAQ about travelling between Berlin and Prague by train

Where to buy train tickets from Berlin to Prague?
The best and most effective way is to buy the tickets online. You can compare the prices, find the cheapest one, choose your seat etc. They are available for purchase directly at the train station, too.

How much does a train ticket from Berlin to Prague cost?
The price depends on various factors (type of train, day of purchase, day of travel, special offers...). In general, the train ticket cost starts at around €30 when purchased online and in advance. Otherwise, it can go up to €80.

Where to find train schedule for trains on the route Prague - Berlin?
Overview of all train connections with departures from Berlin and Prague are available online. Find and book the best train for you HERE.

What's the distance between Berlin and Prague by train?
The distance from Berlin to Prague is about 350 km, by train it´s 400 km. 

How long is the train ride from Berlin to Prague?
It takes about 4-5 hours to get from Berlin to Prague by train. 

Is there a direct train from Prague to Berlin?
Yes,  you can travel between Prague and Berlin by train with no changes.

How many trains are there on the route Berlin-Prague daily?
The frequency of train connections is high, during the day there is a train almost every two hours. In general, there´s 6-10 trains in both directions daily.

Is there a high-speed train from Berlin to Prague?
On the route Berlin - Prague are operated high speed trains known as EuroCity trains. They offer a fast and comfortable way to get from one city to another.

Are there any night trains from Berlin to Prague?
Yes, however, these trains are usually not direct and the train time is much longer. 

Other transportation options

Berlin and Prague are very well connected by all means of transport. Basically, in addition to travelling by train, you can travel also by bus, car or air. Interested in comparing all possible ways to get from Berlin to Prague and vice versa? Check here!

Final note: Do you have any questions about travelling by train from Berlin to Prague or vise versa? Do you have your own tip, information that might be useful to other travellers? Or is there anything you would like to tell us? Don´t hesitate to let us know!