Best running sushi in Prague

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When you think of Japanese cuisine, sushi is usually the first thing that comes to mind. It's well-known that in Japan, or most Asian countries in general, food is not just about satisfying hunger, but also about the experience. If you agree with this philosophy, then running sushi is exactly for you. And the same goes for those who simply love sushi so much that can never get enough of this delicacy.

In Prague, running sushi has carved out a niche for itself, offering locals and tourists alike a fun and interactive way to enjoy one of Japan's most beloved treasures. And where to taste the best? Here are our top seven spots for running sushi in Prague that you absolutely have to check out.

So grab your chopsticks, and let's introduce them!

Best running sushi in Prague

The story of How running sushi was born
The concept of running sushi originated in Japan in the 1950s, when Yoshiaki Shiraishi was looking for a way to serve customers faster and more efficiently in his busy sushi restaurant. And - inspired by watching beer bottles on a conveyor belt at a brewery - came up with the idea of this way of serving and so running sushi was born. Today, this style of dining is no longer about efficiency. It's an experience that combines delicious food, visual delight, variety of tastes and time spent with friends. Typically, running sushi in Prague operates on an all-you-can-eat concept, where during a certain time period (e.g., 2 or 3 hours), you can eat as much as you can manage.

Best running sushi in Prague

Sakura´s Running sushi

Address: 2 branches: OC Arkády Pankrác - Prague 4, OC Metropole Zličín - Prague 5

Sakura's running sushi, with branches in Prague 4 and Prague 5, is popular not only for its excellent sushi but also for its attractive, modern design. In addition to the quality of the food, its variety is also worth mentioning. From sushi, shrimp, pickled vegetables to fruit and sweet desserts… there is something for everyone. However, be aware that if you come after 7 PM, the conveyor belts might not be replenished as frequently. What we also appreciate is the effort to reduce waste, as they charge 15 CZK for each uneaten plate. The maximum dining time is 90 minutes, and during lunch or weekends, we recommend making a reservation. The popularity of this running sushi restaurant in Prague can be seen in the occupancy rate. Given its location, it is the perfect spot for a mid-shopping spree refuel.

Best running sushi in Prague: Sakura´s

Kang Bei

Address: Mukařovského 1986/7, Prague 13

The further away this running sushi restaurant is from the centre of Prague, the more friendly the staff, led by the owner, will greet you. And as we all know, the staff plays a major role in the overall experience of your visit. Don't be surprised if they come and ask you if you're missing anything. Their conveyor belt sushi takes centre stage, showcasing a variety of delicious dishes that will delight your taste buds. And even if you don't happen to choose, there's a classic menu available. This running sushi in Prague 13 (Stodůlky) is definitely worth a visit! Get on the yellow Metro B in the centre and you'll be there in a few minutes. 

Makakiko Running Sushi

Address: 3 branches: OC Palladium, OC Nový Smíchov, OC Westfield Chodov

Makakiko serves fresh sushi at three locations - their running sushi restaurants are located in Smíchov (Prague 5), Chodov (Prague 4), and right in the heart of Prague at Palladium (Prague 1). The branch in Prague 4 (Chodov) is probably the most visited, and we personally have the best experience with this branch as well. It also boasts a unique feature among other running sushi spots in Prague - a three-tiered sushi conveyor belt. From the first two tiers, you can pick plates of hot or cold dishes, and the top tier is for special orders. There's also a standard menu with traditional Japanese or Asian dishes. Whether you're heading to one of these shopping centers to satisfy your shopping fever or as part of a family outing, Makakiko is a great place to relax with friends or family and indulge in some of the best running sushi in Prague.

Best running sushi in Prague: Makakiko
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Sushi by Umi

Address: Vysočanská 382/20, Prague 9 & Centrum Krakov Lodžská 850/6, Prague 8

Another place where you can combine your craving for sushi with shopping, as both branches of this running sushi are located in Prague's shopping centres. Given their locations farther from the city center, it is usually quieter here, reservations are generally not necessary, and the prices are also lower. However, the taste experience is not compromised. The attentive staff continually adds more and more delicacies to the conveyor belt, though perhaps there could be a bit more fruit.

Best running sushi in Prague: Sushi by Umi
Source: Facebook Sushi by Umi

Ginza running sushi

Address: Vinohradská 2828/151, Prague 3 (OC Atrium Flora)

Running sushi in Prague's Vinohrady district is considered by many to be number one, though not everyone leaves as enthusiastic. But such fluctuations are typical practically everywhere in all restaurants and may depend on the day or time you visit. As for the menu, various types of sushi, shrimp, mussels, spring rolls, as well as noodles, different kinds of meat or fried banana will circle you on the belt. The price also includes soup, rice, and ice cream, which is a pleasant bonus. And if there's something specific missing from the belt, just let the staff know your wish. Personally tested! You can also visit Running Sushi Ginza in Čestlice, where they have another branch that is also very popular.

Daruma running sushi

Address: Makovského 1349/2A, Prague 17 - Řepy (OC Řepy)
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If you find yourself near the Prague district of Řepy and local shopping center, stop by for a few plates of running sushi. If you're lucky enough to catch the Happy Hour, you can enjoy unlimited sushi and other delicacies with up to a 50% discount. Not hungry enough for a big sushi feast? Choose from the classic and equally rich menu. The homemade lemonade or sake is a reliable choice to quench your thirst.

Best running sushi in Prague: Daruma
Source: Facebook OC Řepy

Baifu running sushi

Address: Bělehradská 75, Prague 2

Baifu can be found in Prague at two locations, both offering sushi, but if you're specifically looking for running sushi, head to Prague 2, just a short walk from Náměstí Míru. Unlike most running sushi places in Prague, this one is not part of a shopping center, making it an ideal spot for those who appreciate a quieter and more peaceful environment compared to bustling food courts. In addition to the conveyor belt offerings, the price also includes soup or ice cream. The second Baifu branch, located in Prague 4, also offers all-you-can-eat, but not in the running sushi format. Instead, you mark what you'd like on a menu, and it's brought to you. This way, you don't have to wait for your desired delicacy to appear on the belt, and it also helps reduce food waste. Thumb up!

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