Best pizza in Prague

TOP 9 tips from locals

Did you get a hankering for a real Italian pizza during your stay in Prague? The one with a delicious crispy crust and a thin center, covered with top-quality Italian ingredients? You don't have to pack your bags for such a gourmet experience. There are many places in Prague today that bake this world-famous delicacy so authentically that you wouldn't think you were sitting on the Spanish Steps in Rome instead of, say, Vinohrady in Prague. Most of these places are run by Italian chefs, or even the restaurants are owned by Italians themselves. Therefore, you can be sure they (proud of their famous cuisine and original recipes) will serve you nothing but the best. 

Best pizza in Prague

In Italy, each region has its own culture, dialect and, of course, traditional dishes. However, pizza unites Italy and is prepared in the same way everywhere. The exception is the city of Naples, where chefs add more water to the dough, resulting in a taller, thicker and more chewy pizza. Neapolitan pizza is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and Prague, or the Czech Republic in general, is no exception.

Where to go for the best pizza in Prague?

Let's have a look at our tips. 

San Carlo

Address: Tržiště 369/7, Prague 1 (and other 5 branches in Prague)

If you're looking for a truly authentic Neapolitan pizza in Prague, San Carlo is your best choice. It offers a large variety of classic pizzas. However, the menu also includes pizzas that you may not have heard of before (and yet are common in Italy). Did you think pizza with sausage and potatoes on top was an American invention? You´re wrong! Italians love this combination and are happy to eat it in fancy restaurants as well as fast food restaurants at gas stations. And if a pizza doesn't satisfy your taste buds, try their focaccia! They have several varieties and they're really great.

Best pizza in Prague: San Carlo

Da Pietro Praha

Address: Bělehradská 573/61, Prague 2

Once upon a time, there was a Peter (Pietro) who had a passion for Italian delicacies. He set up a shop in Pilsen where he delivered Italian delicacies himself. His business prospered and he and his friend Martin went to Naples, learned how to make real Italian pizza and, under the guidance of a Neapolitan chef, opened a restaurant first in Pilsen and then in Prague, where they quickly became one of the best pizzas in Prague. The headlines of articles like "Neapolitan miracle in Prague" that flooded the internet when the Prague branch opened speak for themselves.

Recommendation: How about something sweet after a delicious Neapolitan pizza? In Da Pietro, you can taste authentic Neapolitan babà (a small baked roll soaked in rum). This delicacy is not easy to find in Prague, so don't miss it!

Best pizza in Prague: Da Pietro Prague
Source: Facebook Pizzeria Da Pietro Praha

Pizza Nuova

Address: Revoluční 1, Prague 1

Excellent pizza restaurant in the centre of Prague. What's more, Pizza Nuova is ranked among the TOP 50 pizzerias in Europe! If one pizza isn't enough for you or you can't decide which one to try, they even offer a tasting of Neapolitan pizzas (and other delicacies) for a fixed price. Whether you go for dinner or the tasting menu, make sure you book a table. It's almost always busy, so the chances of getting a seat without a reservation are low.

Best pizza in Prague: Pizza Nuova

Gatto Nero

Address: Jagellonská 1609/1, Prague 3

Another Prague pizzeria with divine pizza. We like this place just because they use seasonal ingredients from small farmers, so the quality and freshness of the ingredients are guaranteed. As for their pizzas, besides authentic recipes, they offer very creative flavour combinations. Can you imagine a pizza with Korean kimchi? Or beetroot chutney? Honey combined with savoury ingredients? Yes, this really is the place to go if you like to experiment. Moreover, Gatto Nero is sure to win your favour thanks to its affordable prices as well.

Best pizza in Prague: Gatto Nero
Source: Facebook Pizza Gatto Nero Vinohrady


Address: Jakubská 744/4, Prague 1

Restaurants in the city centre are often known for their fame, which often outweighs their real quality and in fact, they are just a trap for tourists. Not so in the case of this pizzeria in the heart of Prague. From the atmosphere to the service to the food, GamberoRosso guarantees a great experience in every way. In addition to the perfect Neapolitan pizza, which is available in interesting variations, we recommend trying the antipasti in the form of cheese and salami platters. The icing on the cake is the attentive and friendly staff, who undoubtedly contribute to the reputation of this pizzeria as one of the best in Prague.

Best pizza in Prague: GamberoRosso

Sasy The Original

Address: Na Příkopě 391/7, Prague 1

A cosy pizzeria in the centre of Prague. If you want to try deep-fried pizza (heaven in your mouth!), this is the place for you. We're not exaggerating when we say that the Mini Fried Pizza as a starter absolutely blew us away. And have you ever tried the southern Italian speciality parmigiana? In Sassy you can taste it as a starter or try it straight on your pizza. For aubergine lovers (or vegetarians) - definitely a great choice.

Best pizza in Prague: Sassy

Le pizzas di Frankie

Address: 2 branches: Otakarova 5, Praha 4 & Ostrovského 33/2, Praha 5

Francesco, aka Frankie, started his business in his home years ago - cooking for people who ordered his menu via his Facebook page. Today, he owns these two smaller pizzerias in Prague, which have quickly become famous among lovers of authentic Italian pizza. Moreover, Frankie has a partnership with the nearby Italian mozzarella factory Mozzarellart, so the cheese on your pizza will be as fresh as possible! The interior is rather modest, more suited to a lunch in the sun than a romantic dinner for two.

Tip: If you're interested in how the mozzarella is made, you can take a look at the production right in Mozzarellart. The shop and its concept is really unique as it is the first producer of handmade mozzarella in Prague. 

Best pizza in Prague: Frankie

Johnny Pizza

Address: Koubkova 685/16, Prague 2

With our next tip for pizza in Prague, we're moving away from traditional Italian pizza recipes a bit. Actually, any Italian would probably weep at what this Prague pizzeria has to offer. But Johnny's Pizza is so good that we couldn't resist including it in our list of the best pizzas in Prague. Lovers of pineapple, curry or even chicken on pizza (dirty words for an Italian when combined) will find something to love here. This restaurant also sells its pizza by the slice, so be sure to try it if you happen to be passing by. 

Slice Slice Baby

Address: Dělnická 311/19, Prague 7

A newcomer to the Prague pizza scene, but definitely worth a try. This pizzeria doesn't even pretend to follow original recipes. It would make the Italians clutch their heads, but we find their combinations bold and playful. Tell me: Have you ever been offered a pizza with oyster mushrooms, smoked pork or even beer sauce? We know it sounds a bit crazy, but despite that, this pizzeria in Prague 7 is doing really well with the locals.

Best pizza in Prague: Slice slice baby

Tips for pizza delivery in Prague

Craving pizza, but don't want to leave the comfort of your home? For a truly authentic Neapolitan pizza experience in the comfort of your own home, we'd highly recommend La Pizza Nostra (you can order via the Wolt app or Foodora). Alternatively, if you're looking for something a little more economical that's slightly adapted to Czech tastes, we'd suggest Pizza Express Praha (you can call or download their app). Both pizzerias enjoy a very good reputation and will not disappoint your taste buds.

Tips on gluten-free pizza in Prague

Even with this dietary restriction, you can enjoy pizza in Prague without worrying. Just head to Pizza Bertoldi, Pizza Scuola or Laboratorio de lla Pizza, where you can even make your own gluten-free pizza. If you prefer delivery, create and order your own gluten-free pizza from Pizza Letná.