Best kolache in Prague

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If you ask a Czech what a typical Czech pastry is, he or she will probably say kolache. If you ask a tourist, 99 % of them will probably say... trdelník. The truth is that it is quite a challenge to find honest, classic kolache in the centre of Prague (unlike trdelník, unfortunately). But if you've decided to break away from the trdelník deluge and try something truly traditional Czech, we've put together some tips on where to find the best kolaches in Prague. Just like our grandmas made them.

Best kolache in Prague

What is a kolach?
A kolach (plural ´kolache´) is a type of pastry that originated in the Czech Republic. The name of this national treasure comes from the word "kolo", which means "circle" in Czech. They are made from a soft, yeast-raised dough that is shaped into a circle and filled with a variety of sweet fillings, such as fruit jams, poppy seed mix or sweetened cottage cheese. They are then usually topped with crumbles (a mixture of flour, sugar and butter) and baked until golden brown. Traditionally, kolache are baked for festive occasions such as feasts, funfairs or before a wedding (for which a special type of wedding kolache is baked).

And, as is usually the case with food, you can find different types of kolache in different regions of the country. In the Chodsko region (in southwestern Bohemia), larger kolache are made with a combination of fillings, typically poppy seeds, cottage cheese and jam,  which create rich decorations on the kolach, for example in the form of ornaments. Each kolach is almost a work of art. In Wallachia, the kolache are called frgály, they are flatter and, above all, larger, up to 30 cm in diameter. The fillings are again poppy seeds, cottage cheese and jam, with pear jam being particularly popular. Instead of being decorated, they are sprinkled with breadcrumbs. The best known are the Moravian kolache. Unlike the previous ones, they are smaller, just the right size for your hand, and each piece has only one type of filling. These are the cakes you will find most often in Prague.

Where to get the best kolache in Prague?


Address: Celetná 589/27, Prague 1

Once upon a time, a journalist decided to take on the army of trdelníky stalls and open a café with a bakery in the centre of Prague where tourists could taste truly traditional Czech pastries. And there is no doubt that the kolache here taste like grandma's. It is also one of the few places in Prague where you can buy frgal. In addition to traditional sweet cakes, they are not afraid to experiment with savoury fillings in the style of American kolaches.

Best kolache in Prague: Kolacherie

Kus koláče

Address: Korunní 90, Prague 2
Web: Instagram

If you go to Korunní in Prague 2, you can't miss this bakery. Its distinctive feature? The usually long queue that has formed outside its doors every day since it opened. Their fluffy kolache, full of fruity fillings and generously sprinkled with crumble, are a hit with Prague residents, so it's no wonder they sometimes announce that they're sold out after just a few hours. If you prefer something savoury, they also run another branch, aptly named 'Další kus' (Another Piece).

Best kolache in Prague: Kus kolace

Kro Coffee & Bakery

Address: Vinohradská 64, Prague 3

When you say KRO, meat lovers immediately think of their perfect grilled chicken. But those with a sweet tooth will also start salivating. When they opened a café and bakery in Vinohrady, word spread quickly that they make some of the best kolache in Prague. If you're not in a hurry, stay a while and enjoy it with a coffee. Or anything else on the menu, as KRO is generally considered one of the best bakeries in Prague.

Best kolache in Prague: Kro Bakery


Address: Pernerova 49, Prague 8

Whatever we write about, perhaps every article will mention at least once a member of the Ambiente network. And this one will be no exception. The Eska bakery in Karlin is a place where locals go not only for breakfast, brunch or delicious bread, but also for its sourdough kolache. They are moist, filled with seasonal fruit and cottage cheese, and sprinkled with crumble. Yummy! If we had one complaint, it would be the slightly higher price.

Best kolache in Prague: Eska

Antonínovo pekařství

Address: more branches in Prague (Prague 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10) - see map 

This bakery never disappoints, whether it's bread or sweet pastries. You can already taste their delicious kolache at six locations in Prague. Every day you'll find fruit, poppy seed, cheesecake or jam kolache on the menu. In addition to the classic yeast kolache, there are also small wedding kolache and large festive kolache. And the demand is so great that they bake kolache practically non-stop, day and night. Try them and you will understand why!

Best kolache in Prague: Antonínovo pekařství

U Kalendů

Address: Rašínovo nábřeží 383/58, Prague 2

We will remain within the Ambiente chain for a while, but we will move from Karlín to the banks of the Vltava. This is where your next steps on the "Tour of the Best Kolache in Prague" should take you, to the popular Náplavka. The kolache from Kalends are beautifully soft and after baking they are covered with a mixture of butter, rum and honey, which makes them a real - as we say - "heaven in your mouth".

Best kolache in Prague: U Kalendů

Pekárna Kabát

Address: more branches in Prague, see the overview here

You can find Pekárna Kabát branches on almost every corner, often in metro lobbies. Don't be put off by their modest appearance - their handmade kolache are some of the best in Prague. The honest craftsmanship is undeniable. A nice bonus is the literally affordable price.

Did you know... You may have heard of Prague kolache, however, they have little to do with Prague or traditional kolache. It is a yeast dough filled with vanilla cream and topped with crumble, first baked by a Polish baker in Saint Tropez, supposedly following his grandmother's recipe. How it came to be known as Prague kolach is unknown. It was commonly available here mainly around the 1980s, and even today it is offered by Antonínovo pekařství, Kus Koláče, Pekárna Kabát or the Myšák Confectionery.

Pekařství pana Koláčka

Address: Kytlická 756, Prague 9
Web: Facebook

You probably won't find this tip in any guidebook - and maybe it's better! At first glance, this is an unassuming bakery tucked away in a former pram room in a housing estate. Far from the centre, with no famous brand or network behind it. But if you ask the locals where to get the best kolache in Prague, they'll point you to Pan Koláček. In addition to the delicious kolache and other pastries, people like to come here for the smile and warmth of the owner (who, surprisingly, is not named Mr Koláček :) ). In short, when you bake with love, it shows in the result!

Best kolache in Prague: Pekařství pana Koláčka
Source: Facebook page

Libeřské lahůdky

Address: more branches, see the overview here

Libeřské lahůdky is famous for its typical Czech delicacies, especially the traditional chlebíčky (open sandwiches). In addition to these and many other Czech classics, they also serve delicious kolache. All products are handmade, so each one is truly original, baked with honest ingredients and according to traditional recipes. As the saying goes, there is beauty in simplicity, and that is 100 % true here. Our tip? Go for the blueberry quark kolach.

Some extra tips on where to buy delicious kolache in Prague

If you happen to visit one of the many farmers' markets in Prague, which we highly recommend, you will usually find at least one stall selling a wide range of honest, traditional kolache.

Hospůdka u Lacíků, just outside Prague in Únětice, is also famous for its kolache (and not only for them). It's a bit further away, but the picturesque surroundings of the Únetický stream are perfect for a pleasant stroll. And what could be better than ending your trip with a sweet treat? 

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