Best Doughnuts in Prague

A guide for all sweet tooths

While doughnuts aren't traditionally Czech, their popularity is undeniable. Locals love them, and foreign tourists who come to Prague often prefer this world-famous delicacy to traditional Czech sweet pastries - assuming that the trdelník (which, by the way, is neither traditional nor Czech) does not win this battle. We have even heard someone refer to trdelník as a doughnut with ice cream in a cone. Well... But now, forget the giant, overpriced trdelník you see at every corner. Let's talk about the original doughnuts, those with a hole in the middle and colorful toppings, of which over 10 billion are eaten in America every year.

We’ve compiled a list of the top doughnut spots in Prague where you can satisfy your inner Homer Simpson.

Best doughnuts in Prague


Address: Náprstkova 215, Prague 1

Donuterie is a beloved doughnut spot in Prague, known for its wide variety of flavors and artisanal approach to doughnut making. Each doughnut is crafted with care, using high-quality ingredients to ensure a delightful experience with every bite. In addition to classic doughnuts, they also offer special baked doughnuts. It's not just the delicious doughnuts with their soft, fluffy texture and creative toppings, but also the incredibly friendly service and welcoming atmosphere that will keep you coming back.

Best doughnuts in Prague: Donuterie

La Donuteria Spálená

Address: Spálená 23, Prague 1

La Donuteria is a safe bet when looking for the best doughnuts in Prague (even for vegans). They bake them according to their own secret recipe, which they have fine-tuned for years to achieve the perfect fluffiness of the dough and attractive glaze. And the result? Perfect not only in taste but also visually appealing. After all, just check La Donuteria's Instagram to see for yourself (caution: not recommended if you're hungry or don't like pink very much). Each shop is designed in an eye-catching style that tempts you to discover what's inside. As a franchise, you can enjoy their doughnuts in several countries. Last but not least, La Donuteria boasts a Superbrands award, placing it among the world's elite brands.

Best doughnuts in Prague: La Donuteria

Oh Deer

Address: Purkyňova 3, Prague 2

The founder of this shop (originally called Oh Deer Bakery) was the first to introduce cronuts - a cross between a croissant and an American doughnut - to Prague. And people literally fell in love with this calorie bomb. We highly recommend the cinnamon cronut, for example. Recently, there are also new savoury options on offer. And yes, we know they're not your classic doughnuts, but we hope you'll forgive us for making this exception. Once you try one, you'll understand why.

Best doughnuts in Prague: Oh Deer

Blue Vegan Pig Shop

Address: Francouzská 240/76, Prague 2

Blue Vegan Pig Shop satisfies the cravings even of those who prefer a plant-based diet. Their doughnuts are 100% vegan and come in a variety of exciting flavors. Maybe you have the experience that vegan products taste...well, simply different. But that's not the case at this doughnut paradise in Prague's Vinohrady district. We ourselves are not vegan and still can confirm that they taste perfect There are several options to choose from every day and before you head here for this sweet treat, check out their Instagram to see what's currently on offer. 

Best doughnuts in Prague: Blue Vegan Pig

Interesting fact: We've noticed that many people visiting Prague search for where to get a "doughnut with ice cream in a cone." In fact, they don't want to try a doughnut, but a trdelnik (also known as a chimney cake), which is mistakenly considered a typical Czech pastry. If you are one of them and want to try this "hybrid doughnut" in Prague, check out another article Trdelnik for tips on where to get it.


Doughnuts are not a traditional Czech delicacy. Nevertheless, people love them. If you are one of them, make sure to visit the places mentioned above and enjoy the best doughnuts Prague has to offer. Your taste buds will thank you!  And don't forget to take a picture of them for your Instagram!