Best Chinese restaurants in Prague

TOP 10 tips from locals

If you want to indulge in the flavours of Chinese cuisine in Prague, there's no need to settle for just instant noodle soup from the supermarket.
True, there are not many 100% Chinese restaurants in Prague, most of them are a mixture of Asian cuisines. Or they are the kind of places that don't exactly inspire confidence at first glance, and it takes a bit of courage (or, in the worst case, a resistant stomach) to visit them. 

Therefore, to help you avoid such an experience and to make sure that a visit to a random spot doesn't ruin your next plans for your stay in Prague, we have compiled some tips on the best Chinese restaurants in Prague, where not only will you not encounter any metaphorical "Chinese wall" :)), but above all, where you will enjoy the traditional dishes of this world-famous cuisine.

So, where to go in Prague for Kung Pao, crispy Peking duck, dim sum and other typical Chinese food?

Best Chinese food in Prague

Best Chinese Restaurants in Prague


Address: Klapkova 50, Prague 8 - Kobylisy

This Chinese restaurant in Prague 8 has been serving traditional Chinese food for over 20 years. It was a favourite of former Czech President Václav Klaus and his wife. The restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere, friendly service and good food with large portions, so it would be a pity to miss it, even though it is located away from the city centre.

Best Chinese restaurants in Prague: Dong Hai

Zelená zahrada

Address: Šmilovského 1427/12, Prague 2 - Vinohrady

Zelená Zahrada is one of the gems of the Prague´s Vinohrady district. Located next to Havlíčkův Sady, this oasis of peace and tranquillity is the perfect choice for a quiet get-together with family and friends, or for those who appreciate original and unusual combinations. The concept is based on the original Chinese restaurant that was located in Prague on Vodičkova Street from 1950 to 1990, but combined with fresh Mediterranean flavours. Zelená Zahrada also boasts two terraces. In summer, you can enjoy the treasures of Chinese cuisine according to original recipes under umbrellas by the pond with koi carp, while in winter the fireplace creates a cosy atmosphere.

Best Chinese restaurants in Prague: Zelená Zahrada

Dim Sum Spot

Address: 3 branches in Prague: Palackého 110, Anděl (Lidická 653/25), Letná (M. Horákové 806/29)

Dim sum is an integral part of Chinese cuisine (and a bit of an addiction for those who have tried it), so it is no wonder that this dumpling paradise is highly popular among locals. In the pleasant environment of the three branches of this Chinese restaurant, you can enjoy different types of dim sum (meat, vegan and some special combinations) served in authentic bamboo steam bowls. There are also a variety of sauces to choose from and, of course, the tea which is traditionally served with Chinese dumplings. At lunchtime, you can also choose a menu of 8 or 10 dumplings and soup.

Best Chinese restaurants in Prague: Dim Sum Spot

Hua Long Zhai

Address: Oblouková 944, Prague 10

With another tip for Chinese restaurants in Prague, we head to Vršovice. There is a spot that is also renowned for its Chinese dumplings, even so much so that the restaurant offers them for sale in frozen form. The interior is rather old-fashioned, somewhat "tired”, but the charismatic owner, a chef and martial arts instructor in one person gives this place an incredible energy and creates a truly homey atmosphere. The portions are large, the prices very reasonable and you'll get a pot of Chinese tea free of charge with your meal. In addition to dumplings, there are several other traditional dishes on the menu and an all-you-can-eat buffet during lunchtime.

Chi Xiao Mian

Address: Laubova 1659/2, Prague 3-Vinohrady

Kung pao, chicken of xy tastes or eight treasures, or “M1-30”... you won't find any of these at this Chinese restaurant in the heart of Prague's district Vinohrady. Yet, you won't be disappointed. On the contrary! Authentic Chinese cuisine awaits you, starring a bowl of xiao mian, a dish typical of southwest China, where the restaurant's founder, Wen, comes from. After all, it was the desire to bring a piece of her homeland to Prague that contributed to the establishment of this business. In addition to authentic ingredients imported directly from China, they pay attention to every detail to ensure the perfect dining experience: from genuine Chinese porcelain, to the serving style to the choice of background music. Expect exotic flavours ranging from spicy to very hot (although the spiciness can be adjusted) and an experience that will satisfy and warm not only your body but also your soul.

Best Chinese restaurants in Prague: Chi Xiao Mian

Hong Kong Karlín

Address: Thámova 221/7, Prague 8

Hong Kong is a sharp contrast to some Chinese restaurants and bistros in Prague with their shabby signs and shop windows, which tend to put people off at first sight rather than entice them in. In the modern industrial space of a former joinery, you can enjoy traditional recipes spiced up with a twist of modern trends. Most dishes are shareable, making it ideal for a group visit. Don't expect an authentic Chinese atmosphere, however, if you like trying new combinations, you won't be disappointed.

Best Chinese restaurants in Prague: Hong Kong

Hong La Jiao

Address: Štěpánská 535/6, Prague 2 & Biskupská 1139/4, Prague 1

If you've read this far and are wondering - What about traditional Peking duck? Kung Pao or Szechuan chicken? Simply put, those classics of Chinese cuisine? Where to get them? - then this is the right tip for you. In addition to the dishes mentioned before, you will find dozens of others (not only Chinese) on the menu that will delight you in terms of taste, portion and price. If you just want to enjoy good Chinese meal and don't need look for a unique experience, this Chinese restaurant in the centre of Prague is a good choice.

Macao & Wok

Address: Truhlářská 3, Prague 1

A relatively recently renovated Chinese restaurant in the heart of Prague is ideal for those who like traditional Chinese cuisine influenced by other Asian cuisines. The large menu will take you a while to browse through - soups, salads, dim sum dumplings, countless variations on different types of meat, seafood, rice and noodle woks... - there is plenty to choose from., If you've come exclusively for Chinese cuisine, we recommend one of the degustation menus, which always include a soup or rolls and a main course combining traditional Chinese dishes. The prices are still reasonable given the location, the modern surroundings are pleasant and quiet, and your dining experience may be enhanced by the attraction of a robot assisting with service.

Best Chinese restaurants in Prague: Macao

Mon House

Address: Letenské náměstí 76/3, Prague 7
Website: FacebookInstagram

While Mon House isn't a 100% Chinese restaurant, more of a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and Mongolian cuisines, it still deserves a mention in this overview of the best Chinese restaurants in Prague. Whether it's for the great food, huge portions, nice atmosphere with friendly service or the welcome treat in the form of a plum wine tasting. Additionally, the location makes it a great place to stop after a walk through Letná Park.

Sia restaurant

Address: Šporkovský palace, V Celnici 1034/6, Prague 1

Anyone who has ever tasted Peking duck at Sia Restaurant will never forget it. And we mean that in a good way, of course. The fact that 1,600 ducks are consumed here every month speaks for itself. But this traditional Chinese speciality, or their kung pao, are not the only reason why this place is so popular. The unique space spread over three floors, the open kitchen, the traditional Chinese way of serving and the highly professional service alone guarantee that a visit to this restaurant will be an experience that exceeds all your expectations. Not to mention the excellent food. So we hope you will forgive us for including this spot among the best Chinese restaurants in Prague, even though it is a mix of Asian cuisines. Once you try it, you'll understand why we couldn't do otherwise. :)

Best Chinese restaurants in Prague: Sia

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