Best Bakeries in Prague

A crunchy guide to the TOP bakehouses in Prague

That enticing aroma when you step into a bakery, and the sound when you cut into a crusty bread... Anyone who has ever tasted baked goods from an artisanal bakery knows what a difference it is from the half-baked products from regular stores. Sure, the price for bread from such establishments is usually higher. But Czechs are a nation of bread lovers - the bread-baking boom during the Covid era speaks for itself - and at least occasionally, they gladly pay extra for quality baked goods. And biting into a slice of fresh bread with butter and salt, hmm…so so yummy!

Let's introduce the best bakeries in Prague that can turn this basic staple into a super tasty delicacy. 

Best Bakeries Prague


Address: Bělehradská 66/990, Prague 2 | Sokolovská 6/85, Prague 8

Bakehous Praktika undoubtedly holds a top spot among the best bakeries in Prague. Starting in Vinohrady, followed by a second branch in Letná, and now, Prague residents can head to Karlín for their favorite bread, too. What makes Praktika different from other bakehouses in Prague? They bake their bread from fresh flour ground on a stone mill, giving it a unique taste - crunchy yet moist inside. Moreover, it stays fresh for days, that is if you resist biting into it on the way home or during a quick snack. Besides bread and pastries, you can also get excellent sweet treats. It's a bit on the higher price range, but the taste is worth it!

Best Bakeries Prague: Pekárna Praktika

Artic Bakehouse

Address: více poboček, viz mapa (Prague 1, 2, 5) 

Once upon a time, a baker from Iceland ventured to Prague to teach the locals to love sourdough bread. And so it happened. Sound like a fairy tale? Not at all. Just visit one of Artic Bakery's branches in Prague and taste for yourself. In addition to honest sourdough bread, baguettes, and bagels, they also bake fantastic sweet pastries, from croissants and cinnamon rolls to an Icelandic speciality, love balls. Nope, all those positive reviews for this Prague bakery are not just for nothing!

Best Bakeries Prague: Artic Bakehouse


Address: Pernerova 49, Prague 8

If you prefer classic Czech bread, head to the well-known Eska in Karlín, a bakery and restaurant in one. In a real Italian oven, they mainly bake two types of bread - bread 33 and 66 (the numbers indicate the ratio of rye to wheat flour), both wonderfully soft and crusty. Basically, it´s a twist on the traditional Czech bread that most of us remember from our childhood, just a few levels up, of course. Even some bistros take it from this famous bakehouse in Prague. If not for a loaf of bread, you can also stop by for sweet pastries, breakfast, or even lunch.

Best Bakeries Prague: Eska

KRO Bakery

Address: Vinohradská 64, Prague 3 | Moskevská 30, Prague 10

When you think of KRO, you probably think of great chicken first, but did you know that this family of businesses also includes one of the best bakeries in Prague? Whether you come here for sourdough bread, crispy baguettes, or croissants, we bet you won't resist leaving without something extra. The bakery itself is located in Vršovice, delivering pastries not only to its other branches but also to some cafes in Prague.

Best Bakeries Prague: KRO Bakery

Antonínovo pekařství

Address: více poboček - viz mapa (Prague 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10)

What kind of guide to bakeries and bakeshops in Prague would it be if we didn't mention this chain of artisan bakeries? Everyone in Prague knows Antonín. From pastries and spreads to sandwiches, cakes and soups, everything is made and baked on-site at each branch. So if you're craving bread fresh out of the oven, just wait a minute! We recommend the Anthony's or potato bread. In the meantime, you can have a coffee and watch the bakers work their magic with the dough. If you want to experience what it's like to fall in love with an ordinary roll, head to Antonín.

Best Bakeries Prague: Antonínovo pekařství

Zrno Zrnko

Address: více poboček - viz mapa (Prague 1, 2, 4, 6)

Zrno Zrnko is one of the newest additions among Prague's bakeries, and it's all the more admirable how quickly they've become one of the top favourite spots for the locals. It seems that the combination of honest ingredients, handmade craftsmanship, tradition with a modern twist, resulting in crusty bread, baguettes or cakes like those from grandma, clearly works. The heart of this network of artisan bakeries is located in Prague 4 - Nusle, however, you can taste bread and other products from Zrno Zrnko in various Prague gastro spots, including the famous Červený Jelen, for which they even developed a special bread recipe.

Best Bakeries Prague: Zrno Zrnko

Alf & Bet

Address: Světova 454/2, 180 00 Prague 8

If you are a coffee lover, then you will be familiar with EMA espresso bars. And it was the same team that decided to turn an old industrial area in Prague-Libeň into a place where people come for one of the best breads in Prague today. After all, bread plays a key role in the menu, with 6 varieties to choose from, humorously named after nationalities. So you can leave e.g. with an American, a Swede or a Czech in your bag. We also recommend trying cakes or buns and if you have a moment,  linger for a cup of excellent coffee. After Zrno Zrnko, Alf & Bet is another example of a successful craft bakehouse in Prague founded by non-bakers.

Best Bakeries Prague: Alf & Bet

Naše Toustárna

Address: Dělnická 56, Prague 7

This is exactly the kind of place you want on your street corner. Naše Toustárna is a small artisan bakery with a café in Prague 7 in Holešovice, where locals go not only for great bread, sweet or savoury treats from ciabatta to sandwiches and toasts, but also just for the nice atmosphere there. Having a coffee, exchanging a few words with the baker and leaving with a loaf just out of the oven - what more could you ask for?

Best Bakeries Prague: Naše Toustárna

U Kalendů

Address: Rašínovo nábř. 383/58, Prague 2

Go for a beer and leave with a loaf of bread for breakfast? That's exactly what can happen to you at U Kalendů. This place from the Ambiente chain is not only a restaurant (and, as is standard for Ambiente establishments, a very good one), it also has a bakery. Moreover, one of the best in Prague! Every morning, loaves of bread smile at customers from the shelves, and the counter next door is brimming with sweet treats. Well, tt's not advisable to enter hungry! But if you do, our tip is Danish pastries or focaccia. Or simply stop by during a walk along Náplavka and pick whatever catches your eye first.

Best Bakeries Prague: U Kalendů

Specialized Bakeries in Prague

French Bakeries in Prague

William Thomas Artisan Bakery

Address: Plzeňská 3378 /138, Prague 5

The story of this bakery began in a garage in Brno, where two friends were trying to bake croissants and baguettes like the ones they remembered from France. Today, not only can you peek into their oven in four branches, but they are undoubtedly among the best bakeries in Prague. The secret of their success? Quality ingredients, no enhancers, stabilizers - and time. Time not only for dough fermentation but also for fine-tuning the recipe, perhaps even a year until they are completely satisfied with it. The specialty of this predominantly French bakery is the kroláč, a mix of a croissant and a cake.

Le Caveau

Address: Jiřího u Poděbrad 9, Prague 3

If you're a fan of French pastries or France in general, you shouldn't miss this bakery in Prague 3 - if only because it's the first real French bakery in Prague. And when we say real, we don't just mean baking according to traditional French recipes or a menu featuring baguettes and French pastries, but also using French (specifically Burgundian) flour and a French oven. The bakery is also combined with a café and a shop with French delicacies, and upon entering you will feel the true... how else than French atmosphere.

Tip: Tip: If you crave a baguette or something else in the French style, and none of the above-mentioned French bakeries in Prague are nearby, an acceptable alternative is the French bakery chain Paul, which you'll find almost on every corner around the center in Prague.

Argentinian Bakery

Cruz Panadería

Address: M. Horákové 141/70, Prague 7

From France, let's move a bit south. This bakery in Prague 7 is a piece of Argentina in Letná. Behind it is the owner of the popular steakhouse Gran Fierro, a native of Buenos Aires, and the menu is dominated - how else - by traditional Argentinian pastries. Medialunas, and for the savory part, sandwich de miga, pintxos, or chipas - doesn't that ring a bell? All the more reason to go there and try!

Italian Bakery

Arte Bianca

Address: Bělehadská 88, Prague 2

For authentic Italy, from traditional savory and sweet pastries to excellent espresso, head to Arte Bianca just a short walk from "Ípák." Once you bite into their white bread, ciabatta, cornetto, or maritozzo, you'll no longer be standing in a bakery in Prague 2, but on the streets of sunny Italy. No wonder a large part of returning customers is made up of Italians.

Gluten-free bakeries in Prague

If you struggle with celiac disease, don't worry, you can enjoy good pastries in Prague. You can usually find a gluten-free product in every bakery, but the problem is that most bakeries can't strictly segregate their production, so it's more like a "near-gluten-free” baked good. The truly gluten-free bakeries in Prague are Doktor Pekař, Pekárna Dvorník or Babiččina spíž

Additional tips on some more great bakehouses in Prague

Here are some more tips for rather smaller bakeries in Prague that are popular among locals in their neighbourhood. You probably won't drive all the way across Prague to get bread there, but if you happen to be nearby, it's worth letting the scent of fresh baked goods lure you inside.

Pekárna Krystal (Sokolovská 101/99, Prague 8)
It all started with baking cakes during the time of COVID, continued with baking for their own bistro, of which the bakery is a part. Today, people come here not only for the cakes that are still the bakery's flagship, but also for other sweet and savory pastries. Another top seller is the fruit bread or the so-called travel cakes.

Řemeslná pekárna Krusta (Vodičkova 11, Prague 1)
A bakery and bistro in one, you can stop by for breakfast, lunch, or just coffee. Open 24/7. 

Pec nám spadla (Lovosická 29, Prague 1)
A smaller artisan Prague bakery and bistro with a pleasant family atmosphere. Popular among locals not only for their baked goods but also for brunch.

Tady a teď (Na Bělidle 31, Prague 5)
A craft bakery and bistro with a wide range of bread, sweet and savory pastries, sandwiches or homemade lemonades. Nice, relaxed atmosphere.

Nostress Bakery (Vězeňská 8, Prague 1, Karlínské nám. 2, Prague 8)
What does a chef do when not satisfied with the bread supplier? Opens his own bakery! The offer is dominated by French influence, and you can pop in not only for baked goods, but also for breakfast, lunch or just a coffee.

Joy Bakery (Petrohradska 1478/41, Prague 10)
Danish baking methods, mixed with a bit of France, a bit of Spain, a bit of Prague, and local ingredients. That's a short way to describe this small Nordic bakery in Prague. Stop by for Danish, Rugbrød or just a smile from the owner.


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